AUTENTICAL is the fusion of the word ‘authentic’ in several languages, e.g. ‘auténtico’, ‘autentisk’ and ‘authentically’. The local AUTENTICAL sites are all about providing insight and free knowledge on how to find the authentic experiences – without lots of tourists – on the local destination.

Nowadays travelers want the truly unique experience and grasp the local atmosphere – without being disturbed to masses of tourists. This is what AUTENTICAL is all about providing them.

Find unique, local and authentic experiences with AUTENTICAL.

The concept of AUTENTICAL is to deliver real, true, unique, local and authentic experiences to everyone.

Local AUTENTICAL sites give you unique insight in local places with authenticity and atmosphere, which you may use free of charge. You may also find truly unique accommodation possibilities in less crowded places, which may enable your authentic experiences even further.