Avoid the tourist masses

At AUTENTICAL we search the authentic – in order to find the true and original ingredients on the journey. We find tiny, cozy places – far away from mass tourism. Places where there are no tourists, just the locals and/or untouched nature.

We enable natural and unique experiences – and make it possible for you to see how the locals live. On your own!

We have no guides and no tours. We describe only places with no tourists and places that are not over-crowded. We intent to get away from the crowds, away from traffic and away from noise.

Here you may find the unique experiences that have become to hard to find. Here holidays become a journey to extraordinary, unique and special experiences.


AUTENTICAL is about sharing knowledge of authentic experiences.

Please contribute with your own experiences. Support the site by booking your accommodation here. You will find unique and original fincas, country houses, village houses apartments and town houses – selected to avoid the tourism masses.